"Falling in love is the easy part.
It is quite different from being in love.
If you are blessed,
you fall in love with your spouse again a little bit every day.
Love is a choice,
a decision to love no matter what the day brings.
You are in love because you choose to be in love.
You made a promise, a commitment, to love each other."
Author Unknown

Sunday, December 30, 2012

It is hard to …


get motivated.

When Mark was here it was easy to be motivated to ‘do’ things. I have always loved ‘doing’ for and with him since the beginning when we were dating. That’s 46 years and now I find myself sort of walking in a haze when I first get up, as now it’s all up to me to figure out everything that needs doing. I think it will get easier, but these past three weeks have been hard adjusting to do just ‘doing’ for me.

I even feel a bit guilty for ‘doing for me’ now and I shouldn’t. A verse came to me this afternoon after I had worked  on my garden project and on the patio garden area. It was this:  Col 3:23 ~ And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord.  ~ This was what I needed and is especially more meaningful to me as God is now my husband.

I made a homemade pizza tonight, something we both loved. The timer just went off, so I will say goodnight for now. I will enjoy supper and raise my glass of red wine in a toast to God for his goodness and to my dear sweet Mark who enjoyed my cooking.

FlowerLady Lorraine

Another verse for today:

Isaiah 41:10

Fear Not
I am with thee
Be Not Dismayed
I am thy God
I will strengthen thee
I will help thee
I will uphold thee


  1. Yes when I first found myself alone it was hard to make the transition from doing things for other people, to doing them just for me. I thing you are doing great. Hugs.

  2. Mark is always going to be perched on your shoulder, Lorraine, cheering you along on this new journey. Trust your instincts. You do us all proud.

    Smiling with you as I say, “To your health”!

  3. That ' haze ' you are in is shock still. Take it slow and steady, one day at a time like you are doing. hugs!!!

  4. Praising God that you have His peace, love and Word to bring comfort. You are not alone. 'See' you in the New Year.

  5. You are doing so well. Please do not rush, and have patience.
    Hugs to you and a wonderful, peaceful evening.