"Falling in love is the easy part.
It is quite different from being in love.
If you are blessed,
you fall in love with your spouse again a little bit every day.
Love is a choice,
a decision to love no matter what the day brings.
You are in love because you choose to be in love.
You made a promise, a commitment, to love each other."
Author Unknown

Friday, December 21, 2012

I so miss . . .


The love of my life


being his wife!

When I was a little girl,

I prayed that God would give me someone to love,

and that he would love me.

God answered that little girls prayer.

I was blessed to have been loved

and to love someone very much.

FlowerLady Lorraine


  1. Yes, as someone that didn't really have that, you were blessed.

  2. Yes, you were blessed, and so was he. God granted your wish! luv & a big hug, Gina

  3. It truly is a blessing to have experienced a "true love" and definitely hard to have to learn to live without it. With that being said, I still would not pass up having experienced a "true love." It is definitely something to be grateful for. Thinking of you and wishing you the peace and the joy of the Christmas season.

  4. This sure wasn't anything you two expected a few months ago. I don't know if it was a blessing or not to have it happen so fast. I'm glad you have such good memories of your life with DH.

  5. My dear Lorraine, or may I call you Rainy, as some of your closer friends do? Have you read Kate Chopin? She has a short story about a respected woman with a long marriage whose husband dies. The woman has a strange reaction when her husband turns up alive and well. She has a heart attack and dies. Lonely for some one you truly loved and returned that love is far better than feeling relief from a bad marriage or a long illness of a loved one. The marriage I am in now is not my first. From past experience I know loneliness within a marriage is an unformidable journey. Rejoice in your years together. Rejoice in the lessons you teach us daily . . . keep writing. You are doing great!