"Falling in love is the easy part.
It is quite different from being in love.
If you are blessed,
you fall in love with your spouse again a little bit every day.
Love is a choice,
a decision to love no matter what the day brings.
You are in love because you choose to be in love.
You made a promise, a commitment, to love each other."
Author Unknown

Friday, April 5, 2013

A letter from your spouse


I found the following this morning and it was very comforting to me.

It was taken from the website below.



My Love,

Don’t grieve for me. Bodies die but love does not. We all must live in an earthly body for a time, but this part of my life is over and real life is opening before me. I know that you miss my earthly presence, but be comforted by the knowledge that you are still part of my life because our spirits are still joined. I am not gone, but continue to dwell with you.

We are both being tenderly held by God, who understands our pain and will use our suffering as well as our achievements in marvelous ways that will contribute to our heavenly happiness.

The difficulties surrounding my leaving the natural world are now of no concern to me as I understand the bigger picture. Forgive me for my imperfections and mistakes. We both have regrets, but here things that once seemed important are put into perspective. As I see life more clearly in the light of eternity, my memory of upsets of life in the world dim and disappear while the true essence of our relationship grows stronger.

When you come over to the real world we will be reunited completely. Our love will then be unencumbered by earthly illness or concerns. Bodies suffer from aging and illness, but the spirit endures. You are not your body, nor was I. I am now in a world where my body is a true reflection of my spirit. The body I now live in is strong and young, free from afflictions and limitations of the natural body I left behind. Though we can’t touch physically, I continue to be touched by your love and the beauty of your soul.

Time on earth seems to go slowly, but in reality it is only a short time until you will join me. The beauty of the world I now live is beyond what you can imagine. Your tears of  sadness will instead be tears of joy when I welcome you here.

Peace be with you until then.


  1. That is truly beautiful Lorraine. I think that is helpful to any one who has lost a loved one. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. That letter is truly loving and kind and hopeful too.. I am so glad you found it and hope it gives you some solace for your grieving soul.. Being apart is so hard after you have loved so completely, but he is waiting for you when your time is ready.. In the meantime, your faith is so wonderfully surrounding you, and I am sure helping a great deal. Do not worry about the feelings you have, they are all part and parcel of life.. My friend lost her husband a couple of years ago and is still missing him greatly.. her neighbours and some friends told her to start get out and about and making more of an effort.. they obviously did not or had not experienced the profound loss that one can feel when a loved one dies. My thoughts are with you, and I share your hopes that the Lord will help and show you the way.. In the meantime, I must say I am very proud of you actually being able to put the words down on paper, you are one brave lovely person, and we out in blogland, know it!! God Bless, janzi

  3. Dear Lorraine, please visit my other blogs when you have time.
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  4. I so admire those of you who have a way with the turn of a phrase. You know that choosing Ethereal for your blog template was not a coincidence but somehow guided....